Underground Supper Club News Break

Hello foodies,

After a long 2 months  sabbatical, we’re pleased to announce that The Underground Supper Club is back to the Jersey City dining scene with a renewed  goal of bringing together all the adventurous  foodies and their curious appetite at  its new home.

The Underground Supper Club has joined forces with “Made with Love Cafe” located at 540 Jersey Ave to provide you with an evenings of culinary ingenuity every Friday and Saturday night.  Please join Celeste and myself on our communal table where you’ll be able to know the community, make new friends while enjoying a one of a kind dining experiment.

Your continue support, passion and demand for interesting foods is what keeps our creative culinary vision in full throttle and pushes our test kitchen into overdrive.

Please keep checking back often for up to the minute important announcements about your Underground Dining Alternative.

Thank you.


6 comments on “Underground Supper Club News Break

  1. Glad to hear from you. Looking forward to what you come up with.

  2. This seems like a great event, I’d love to be apart of this. Where can I find info about attending?

  3. Buen suerte!! Cant wait to try this. Spoke to Nancy yesterday. She is fine. Nothing new.

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