Weekly Recipe

Apple Latkes

When you think of apple Latkes your immediate reaction or closer association is Hanukkah food but this Latkes made delicious healthy breakfast. I have apple Latkes for breakfast at least a couple of days a week and you’ll too after you learn about the latest research out of Cornell University about the countless benefits of […]

Carrot Pancake

There is a lot more to carrots than juicing. According to health experts.  This yummy vegetable is loaded with vitamins and a host of other powerful health benefits from healthy glowing skin, anti-aging to lowering the risk of heart disease, just to mention few of the long list of benefits from  this amazing powerful vegetable. […]

White Beans Stew

Hello Foodies, Starting today I’ll be publishing health-countious weekly  free recipe. For your convenience,  all the recipes you’ll find here are kitchen tested by me. preparing a meal, does not have to be  a stressful endeavour, unless you’re on TV Show “Chopped”  So please feel free to exchange any of the ingredients you don’t like from a […]